Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Blonde

The Blonde

     Aimlessly wandering was exactly what Dylan was doing in Philadelphia on a Saturday morning in the fall.
     Dylan was one of those restless guys constantly on the move. Philadelphia afforded him the opportunity to get this out. He loved going to Elfreth's Alley, the art museum, and center city, which were all separated by huge chunks of blocks.
     The sparse trees throughout the city were beginning to turn color. Green leaves gave way to reds, oranges, and yellows. He had one hand in his hoodie and the other was holding a Starbucks coffee. It was as dark as the evening before.
     He took small sips of the coffee.
     He looked at the words L-O-V-E written in scarlet red with the L and O stacked on top of the V and E. He became distracted by the fountain shooting water into the blue sky behind the letters. He observed the pool the fountain water fell into. Nobody had their feet in it.
     It's certainly not the summer.
     Dylan stopped studying the landmark and moved through the streets as a cheetah would in thick grass looking for prey. He was walking towards the location of the Rocky statue, at the Philadelphia Art Museum.
Rittenhouse Square popped into his mind.
     Maybe I'll check it out. It's on the way.
     Rittenhouse Square was packed with people as Dylan sipped the strong coffee. Guys and girls were holding hands and talking. The women smiled with their mates. Dylan always loved a woman's smile. Some couples would embrace in a kiss. Older gentlemen walked their Weimaraners and Golden Retrievers enjoying the suns rays as they darted in between Philadelphia's skyscrapers.
     Dylan continued walking hitting the pavement quicker than most walkers. He looked ahead to see where the next block began, and he slowed down like a car coming to a red light. She was walking towards him with another girl.
     She's beautiful.
     The woman looked only a few years out of college, had long blonde hair and was taller than most women, even some men. Her face was carved with the finest biology of skin and molecules. It was like beauty was born with her face. She wasn't wearing makeup. Dylan became a little anxious.
     Don't stare.
     The blonde smiled and turned to her sister as her lips moved. Her smile revealed white teeth.
     I don't have a chance.
     Dylan and the blonde got closer to each other, and he tightened his grip on his coffee cup clinging to something for comfort. Her green eyes met his blue eyes, and Dylan smiled without showing his teeth. She smiled back, and Dylan felt his heart beat a little quicker. The two passed each other as street cars would traveling in opposite directions.
     I have to talk to her.
     His running shoes stopped above the concrete and one of the laces flopped up. He turned around and walked towards her.
     “Hey,” he said raising his voice.
     “Hi,” she remarked startled.
To be continued...


Sunday, May 8, 2011

For my mom on Mother's Day

A Mother's Day poem

You brought me out of the womb on a Wednesday
Without an epidural how were you able to stay at bay
You made me feel better those nights I was sick
With medicine or soft words you knew just the right trick

Having you come to my baseball games was such a thrill
I never had to worry about who would pay a bill
It was fun to go to D & D and bet on the number of cops
Not every mom was like you and those moments rocked

As I got older I was allowed to drive on your lap
Sitting in that gold Volvo could make me want to clap
I loved to watch my mom get ready for work
It was awesome just to sit there, we both have our quirks

Random texts about my writing show me you care
Like notes on my bureau in march every year
It's great to know you are proud of your son
It is forever etched in stone that I love my mum


Sunday, April 10, 2011

The plight of a human

Human behavior can be a spectacle to say the least.  Not too far from animals (take the feline below), psychologists have attempted to explain how humans behave and how we become the people we are.  Ultimately, regardless of perspective, this leads to growth and change.

quirky creature

Psychologists have explained human development through sexuality, cognition (thoughts), and social.  Freud made his Psychosexual theory of development(5 phases).  Piaget's Cognitive theory of development looked at development in 4 phases.  Erik Erickson chose to see the process from a social perspective, which involved stages that ran into a person's middle years.

However, I believe human behavior cannot be summed up with one theory.  It cannot be given boundaries with ages through phases. 

The growth that a human experiences is a process.  I like to think of Dr Carl Rogers' book entitled On Becoming a Person: a Therapist's View on Psychotherapy.  As with becoming a person, the same can be said of an aspect in a person's life.  When there exists an area needing attention, it takes time to work on that area.  It's a process that doesn't end. 

Consider the individual who is shy.  This impacts his relationships.  He does not have the easiest time talking to women.  He struggles with speaking in front of people.  Fortunately, he has the insight to know this needs to be worked on.

Eventually, he works up the courage to join a public speaking group.  Overtime, he manages to go up to a random woman and talk to her (see the male below putting the moves on the blonde).  Just talk.  Then, he gets the coveted seven-digit number.

man talking to a woman

These baby steps pay dividends, but he is not finished.  He has not reached the finish line. 

This process explains a lot of phenomena and is like an infinite marathon, the longest of marathons without an ending.  You can pace yourself in this marathon though.  This is the plight of a human, the plight of human growth.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Poem for professor whose mom has passed...

It's never been easy for me to see someone suffer or struggle.  While growing up, I watched my mom experience migraine headaches so bad she had to give herself injections in her thigh.  I have learned to cope with people's suffering.  My learning has encompassed two things:

  1. Knowing that suffering has purpose as it can make for great stories
  2. Writing poetry for those who are in emotional or physical pain
I walked into my Journalism class this past Tuesday expecting a bright and cheery professor, which I have become conditioned to since the beginning of the semester.  As the class began, she announced that her mom had died this passed weekend.  As she spoke, tears began to fill her eyes and her voice was visibly shaken.  I expressed my condolences to her, but became inspired to do something a little more.  This is my poem to her:

For Professor xxxx:

Were her eyes blue, green, or shaded light brown
As a child was she able to turn your lightest frown
Her life passes in pictures flickering through your mind
Your first day of school replaying this memory many many times

A mother’s hug is something to hold dearly
Maybe there was a boy who broke your heart making you weary
Your mom helped to calm you down with the softest words
Reminding you that you were special so you would not hurt

College graduation day came and mom was amidst the crowd
Embracing the moment was she thinking, Oh, I am so proud
Was she there at your wedding day with tissues in hand
Blotting the tears as she watched her jewel at the altar with a man

A mother’s touch is nothing like the world has known
Guidance as you raised children helping you make them grown
A figure of stability mom was always there when you were scared
Her memory lasts forever there is no one on earth that could compare

Stockton recognizes women's history month

Monday, January 17, 2011

A day for a king

Today is January 17, 2011.  It's cold outside, and snow lays on the lawn as a blanket does a bed.  This is typical New Jersey winter weather.  However, this day is not typical.  It's one for a king.  This is not the type of king who would rule a country like Charlemagne or Henry VIII.  This is a day for Dr. Martin Luther King, who reached millions asking for people to judge based on "character" and not "skin."

Martin Luther King's impact on society parallels that of Gandhi.  While some leaders of social change sought to do so through war, the preacher from the south sought to use different means to impact social change. Instead of war, he chose protests.  Instead of guns, his tool was words.

In his "I have a dream" speech, he spoke about a place where his children could live.  This was not a Utopian society that he craved as St. Thomas More wrote about.  It was a place where people could get an education free of persecution.  All Dr. King desired was for his children to be judged on their core and not on their skin tone.

Martin Luther King day is a gentle January reminder for all mankind.  It's a reminder to not judge someone on how they look.  America's "golden voice" shows that beyond the exterior may lie something beautiful, something worth believing in.  Let it be a reminder to not judge the surface of a person.  After all, skin color is just an additive, no different then adding red food coloring to a glass of water.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's your sign now?

The Huffington Post has reported today that the dates of zodiac signs have changed.  A pseudo-science, which started around the time the Greeks were worshipping their god Apollo, called Astrology was born.  Wondering about the sky and stars, brewing astrologers fixed their eyes on the existing constellations as the sun moved across the sky.  This ring or zodiac that formed brought on great meaning for those people living before the time of Christ.

3,000 years later, the twelve signs charted by astrologers has grown into a possible thirteenth sign (Ophiuchus) as the earth and sun have changed their positions.  Consequently, the dates of peoples' signs may have changed.  See if yours has changed below:

Capricorn: Jan. 20 - Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 - March 11
Pisces: March 11- April 18
Aries: April 18 - May 13
Taurus: May 13 - June 21
Gemini: June 21 - July 20
Cancer: July 20 - Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10 - Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16 - Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30 - Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23 - Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29 - Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17 - Jan. 20

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eagles can win through McCoy

The best way for the Eagles to win today is through their second year running back LeSean(Shady) McCoy. ran a good analysis of the game focusing on the Packers defense and what the Eagles can do to do combat it.  The analysts showed that the Packers will probably do what the Vikings did to the Eagles a few weeks back.  They'll bring a corner like Charles Woodson towards the line of scrimmage and use him to blitz Michael Vick(Vick ran for over a 100 yards in their first meeting of the season in which the Eagles settled for a loss).  To combat this, the Eagles will need to use McCoy as a runner out of the back field.

Shady McCoy ranks 14th in rushing among running backs in the league.  His rushing totals are a little deceiving and one needs to take into account the fact that the Eagles are a passing offense.  He has carried the ball 207 times for a total of 1,080 yards.  Rushing leader Arian Foster has carried the ball 327 times for 1,616 yards.  McCoy's 5.2 average per carry is among league leaders.

If the Eagles take advantage of their jewel, they can stave off the aggressive Packers defense.  Draw plays up the middle should be effective when the Packers bring pressure from the outside.  When the Eagles show them that they will run first, this will open up opportunities for play action and deep balls to Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson. 

This is not the easiest playoff game for the NFC East champs.  The Packers have an excellent defense and can put up a lot of points(they scored almost 400 points this season).  The Eagles can pull out a win using the legs of McCoy.  It's up to Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg.  Their game plan will decide their fate (statistics courtesy of


Training for a cancer run

I've chosen to run in a 5k race on March 20 in Philadelphia.  This will be the first race of my life, and I'm excited.  A friend posted the race, which is going to be used to raise awareness for colon and rectal cancer.  I'm also rehabbing an injury of two years ago and I figured my return to health would be given extra motivation knowing I would need to prepare for this race.

I've been running on a fairly consistent basis and have been using my stationary bike too.  Unconcerned with speed, I've used both exercises to build stamina and endurance in my legs.  I've been able to get on my bike for about 40 minutes.  I've reached about 8 miles pretty easily.  I've experienced pain, but it goes away soon after I'm finished my workout, which has been very encouraging to me.

I invite anyone to train and join my friend Nick and I for this race in March.  Here's the race link:  Although, it is a "race," I view it as something I just want to finish.  That, is an accomplishment in and of itself. 

Why wait until April and May to achieve a beach body for June and July?  It's a good way to stay in shape, work off excess holiday pounds.  Not only for your health, but it's a great way to be a part of a cause to raise awareness for this type of cancer.

I won't be blogging as much, but I'll be packing ideas in my brain to explore thoughts when things get less busy for me.  I hope you can join me in this race.  If not, that is fine.  You'll be with me in spirit.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

While you're dreaming, I'm writing about goals

The month of January is here, and it's 2011.  Rocky II's solemn moments are playing in the background of your blogger's bedroom well past 3 A.M.  Unable to sleep, he thinks about how you can achieve some goals for this year.  Goal setting is important in achieving something in life, big or small.  So, as the second year of a relatively new decade lays upon us, I have three potential goals and steps you can take (I am not an expert mind you) that you may have in mind for this year:
  1. Job promotion- job promotion is something that can be very important.  It can help you secure a better title.  It can also aid in providing you with a better living.  Here are a few things to keep in mind as you seek that coveted promotion:
    • Know what type of job promotion you are seeking
      • This is an obvious one but something that should be the first step.  I suggest you write down exactly what you are looking for.  If you are a lawyer and want to become a partner of your law firm, write this down!
    • Find out what you need to obtain the position
      • Go to your boss or a superior about getting to the next level of advancement.  You may need to add to your array of skills by taking on a new challenge(ie technical writers are currently using the web to publish documentation which may require coursework in html).
    • Work hard
      • Another obvious one but it needs to be stated.  You may need to put in a little more time at the office than you would ordinarily like.  But, remember, this extra effort on your part will pay dividends.
  2. A child's milestone
    • Pay attention to that 6 month old babies developmental progress
    • You may want to keep a record of when they have crawled and when they are supposed to be walking
    • Use your pediatrician(not wikipedia!) to facillitate this process
    • When your baby is going from crawling to grabbing that coffee table(make sure they don't hurt themselves!) shower them with praise, including hugs and kisses
  3. Seeking a signicant other- valentine's day is around the corner, don't you want someone to give you those heart shaped candies with words like "be mine" on them?
    • Know what you are looking for in the opposite sex(ie blondes with blue eyes, models from a Perry Ellis magazine, etc.).
    • Understand why your previous relationship did not work
      • This one is very important and is quite challenging because you will need to analyze yourself.  Furthermore, it teaches you about yourself and what you need in a significant other.
    • Don't expect perfection
      • Realize that no one is perfect and neither are you (I know it's shocking).  This is not an easy one, but it can make a huge difference in the longevity of a future relationsip.
Whether the goals I have outlined are specific to you or not, I hope that you can take something from them and apply it to your life.  In any case, I'm rooting for you to have an excellent, successful year.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

My journal entry dated January 6, 1993 unedited (Eagles vs. Saints playoff game)

Over the weekend I had a friend come over we went to the mall and played video games.  The next day we went to a place called the playdrome.  You can bowl and play pool.  We decided to play pool.  Then we played video games and then we went home to watch the Eagles game.  I was nervous after halftime the Eagles were down 20-7.  But then they came back and won the game 36-20.