Saturday, November 20, 2010

My journal entry from Mrs. Kerns' class dated February 27, 1993 (very unedited)

On monday my brother and me went to Malibu grand prix.  What it is is racing track.  So you can be under 18 and drive in a mini car around the track  They have Video games there and you can eat there.  When you are going around the track the car can go up to about 25 miles per hour.  When I was going around the track there was a sharp corner, and I was going the vehicles top speed and I spun off the track.  I was alright but it was fun.



  1. I used to love thta place..and you had to have your birthday party was the in thing..and now, its office buildings

  2. you know, I wondered if it even existed.......It's like that Uncle Kracker song "they paint paradise and put up a parking lot"

  3. Awww man- Malibu racetrack... how i wish it was still there.