Sunday, May 8, 2011

For my mom on Mother's Day

A Mother's Day poem

You brought me out of the womb on a Wednesday
Without an epidural how were you able to stay at bay
You made me feel better those nights I was sick
With medicine or soft words you knew just the right trick

Having you come to my baseball games was such a thrill
I never had to worry about who would pay a bill
It was fun to go to D & D and bet on the number of cops
Not every mom was like you and those moments rocked

As I got older I was allowed to drive on your lap
Sitting in that gold Volvo could make me want to clap
I loved to watch my mom get ready for work
It was awesome just to sit there, we both have our quirks

Random texts about my writing show me you care
Like notes on my bureau in march every year
It's great to know you are proud of your son
It is forever etched in stone that I love my mum