Monday, November 22, 2010

A poem for my dad as he lays in the ER

Found out my dad was in the hospital today
Memories of our last minutes came in to mind
Have I been a good son or a bad boy

Grandmom died alone is this my dads fate?
I hated not being there for her.
I'm gonna be there for him I will skip a date

I love my dad very much
he was always there when I needed his love
When i was getting divorced he gave me the softest touch

I'm in the Rutgers library ready to cry
I don't want my dad to die
To think of him laying in that hospital bed
makes want to be beside him, hold his head

Beeping noises nurses walking around makes me scared
I hate the noise and never grew up in hempstead
Is that a real town, I don't know
Just know dad and i mean it , I love you so.


  1. Hi,
    We just found out tonight.
    What a surprise!!!

    Peace b & a

  2. I guess it would be a surprise, thanks for viewing my blog and posting a comment. Have a great holiday season!


  3. Sorry to hear this, Jon. I am sure your Dad appreciates you being there for him now. It's tough seeing this stuff with people you love. I don't think any words really help comfort people going through it. Just hang on, and try to keep your head up.

    My thoughts are with you man. I'll be hoping for some good news.