Monday, November 8, 2010

Learning from Katy Perry's Fireworks video

I'm impressed by Katy Perry's video Fireworks.  It impresses me for two reasons:
  •      She is known for pop, sexy, fun loving songs with little meaning to them and this video has meaning to it.
  •      The message is excellent.  It talks about being and accepting the person who you are even if you are not perfect.  The lyrics tell us to embrace who we are, flaws and all.  Ultimately, we need to shine!
Sometimes music videos do not accurately portray an artists message (i.e. Nelly's latest hit and Katy Perry's California Gurls).  The music video hits it right on, and I feel like it inspires you to be the person who you are meant to be and shine.  NOT, what others and our world want us to be!

Check it out below:

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