Monday, December 24, 2012

Being different might be the key to your success

Are you afraid of being different?  What if your quirks made the difference in how successful you were?   Would you take a chance and risk getting criticized?

Jim Carrey did.

Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert mocked Carrey's acting and movie Ace Ventura calling it "an appallingly bad movie" in a review almost 20 years ago.

"Jim Carrey, the star and cowriter of this mess, is so obnoxious, he makes Jim Barney and his Ernest character seem as brilliant as Chaplin's Little Tramp," said Siskel seen in the clip below.

The comedian turned actor's physical comedy had never been done before.    Carrey, 50, notes that when you do original work, there's a chance you're going to get criticized (I could not find the interview online).

Was Ace Ventura (1994) a "bad movie?"  I'll let you judge.

The movie budget was about $12,000,000, and it made $107,000,000 at the box office worldwide.  That's not bad for a movie with an "obnoxious" character.  That same year Carrey made millions in a film, his first, through Dumb & Dumber (1994).  He began making $20,000,000 per film, beginning with The Cable Guy (1996), according to his biography on

To be fair to Siskel and Ebert, they admitted to making a poor judgment of Carrey and his acting in Ace Ventura.

Here comes the ABC family show lesson:

Don't be afraid to be different.  Don't let fear prevent you from doing something peculiar, out of the ordinary. It's our differences that make life interesting.  Maybe it's our differences that make us successful.