Saturday, November 6, 2010

People with challenges

When I think about the challenges we face in's sometimes overwhelming.  But, then, I think about people who have overcome challenges.  This helps me realize that you can have challenges and ultimately, overcome them and be successful.

Do you know the story of Frederick Douglass?  He was born into slavery.  This is kind of a dead end don't you think?  I mean, what kind of life do you think someone would be able to have having been born into shackles?  You had very little freedom, obviously.  You couldn't get educated.  Without access to such life treasures, how can you be successful?

Frederick Douglass had a realization at a very young age.  He realized that the pathway out of slavery was through education.  This is why slave owners didn't allow blacks to get education.  Although immoral, they weren't stupid.  Knowing this true point, Mr. Douglass began to seek out white kids in his Baltimore neighborhood as he learned to read and write.  He made a game of it and told them that he could out spell them.  The kids balked at his comment and  began to engage in this active type of learning.  This was how Frederick Douglass learned to read and write.

You see, you don't need to have all the tools to overcome challenges.  What you need to do is begin a process of looking at how you can achieve or get what you want.  This was what the future world renowned speaker did as a boy.  This is what you can do now.

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