Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Poem for professor whose mom has passed...

It's never been easy for me to see someone suffer or struggle.  While growing up, I watched my mom experience migraine headaches so bad she had to give herself injections in her thigh.  I have learned to cope with people's suffering.  My learning has encompassed two things:

  1. Knowing that suffering has purpose as it can make for great stories
  2. Writing poetry for those who are in emotional or physical pain
I walked into my Journalism class this past Tuesday expecting a bright and cheery professor, which I have become conditioned to since the beginning of the semester.  As the class began, she announced that her mom had died this passed weekend.  As she spoke, tears began to fill her eyes and her voice was visibly shaken.  I expressed my condolences to her, but became inspired to do something a little more.  This is my poem to her:

For Professor xxxx:

Were her eyes blue, green, or shaded light brown
As a child was she able to turn your lightest frown
Her life passes in pictures flickering through your mind
Your first day of school replaying this memory many many times

A mother’s hug is something to hold dearly
Maybe there was a boy who broke your heart making you weary
Your mom helped to calm you down with the softest words
Reminding you that you were special so you would not hurt

College graduation day came and mom was amidst the crowd
Embracing the moment was she thinking, Oh, I am so proud
Was she there at your wedding day with tissues in hand
Blotting the tears as she watched her jewel at the altar with a man

A mother’s touch is nothing like the world has known
Guidance as you raised children helping you make them grown
A figure of stability mom was always there when you were scared
Her memory lasts forever there is no one on earth that could compare

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