Wednesday, January 5, 2011

While you're dreaming, I'm writing about goals

The month of January is here, and it's 2011.  Rocky II's solemn moments are playing in the background of your blogger's bedroom well past 3 A.M.  Unable to sleep, he thinks about how you can achieve some goals for this year.  Goal setting is important in achieving something in life, big or small.  So, as the second year of a relatively new decade lays upon us, I have three potential goals and steps you can take (I am not an expert mind you) that you may have in mind for this year:
  1. Job promotion- job promotion is something that can be very important.  It can help you secure a better title.  It can also aid in providing you with a better living.  Here are a few things to keep in mind as you seek that coveted promotion:
    • Know what type of job promotion you are seeking
      • This is an obvious one but something that should be the first step.  I suggest you write down exactly what you are looking for.  If you are a lawyer and want to become a partner of your law firm, write this down!
    • Find out what you need to obtain the position
      • Go to your boss or a superior about getting to the next level of advancement.  You may need to add to your array of skills by taking on a new challenge(ie technical writers are currently using the web to publish documentation which may require coursework in html).
    • Work hard
      • Another obvious one but it needs to be stated.  You may need to put in a little more time at the office than you would ordinarily like.  But, remember, this extra effort on your part will pay dividends.
  2. A child's milestone
    • Pay attention to that 6 month old babies developmental progress
    • You may want to keep a record of when they have crawled and when they are supposed to be walking
    • Use your pediatrician(not wikipedia!) to facillitate this process
    • When your baby is going from crawling to grabbing that coffee table(make sure they don't hurt themselves!) shower them with praise, including hugs and kisses
  3. Seeking a signicant other- valentine's day is around the corner, don't you want someone to give you those heart shaped candies with words like "be mine" on them?
    • Know what you are looking for in the opposite sex(ie blondes with blue eyes, models from a Perry Ellis magazine, etc.).
    • Understand why your previous relationship did not work
      • This one is very important and is quite challenging because you will need to analyze yourself.  Furthermore, it teaches you about yourself and what you need in a significant other.
    • Don't expect perfection
      • Realize that no one is perfect and neither are you (I know it's shocking).  This is not an easy one, but it can make a huge difference in the longevity of a future relationsip.
Whether the goals I have outlined are specific to you or not, I hope that you can take something from them and apply it to your life.  In any case, I'm rooting for you to have an excellent, successful year.



  1. My first thought was that getting a good night's sleep is a great way to prepare one's self to achieve goals. But, to the point of the post, I think the biggest impediment to people achieving their goals is perspective. We get so wrapped up in surviving each day, be it a tough day at work, or personal problems. A sports analogy would be how the great quarterbacks keep their eyes upfield. Defenses blitz, sending more defenders than there are people to block them. Lesser quarterbacks look to avoid blockers and ignore things further down the field. However, the great QBs keep their eyes above the fray, and focus on their goals. The point is that most of us, in our personally chaotic lives, take our eyes off the long-term goals and focus on making it through each day. We don't get our vision above the fray. It's quite possible that the simple act of writing goals down may be a great tool to give people daily perspective.

  2. Agreed. It's the hustle and bustle of life that's distracting to people. That's why there are life coaches out there. Instead of a life coach, people can just come here.