Sunday, December 12, 2010

Realization in camden, including my 1.5 GPA in 1999

I think I did it, and I made it! Today, I realized I belonged in the university environment as I discussed a variety of subjects with my professor.  It's not like I haven't felt a part of the school, tonight was different, like a light bulb experience.  It's been a long struggle for me in terms of my educational performance (see the graph I created for my application to Penn below). 

My GPA from 1998-2009
Yet, I stood in his office with a seltzer bottle by the window, shadowing him from behind and a PC from behind to the left.  I was like "I'm here!"  All the struggles I had in school in early college and high school seemed to dissipate in this wonderful moment.  It just goes to show no matter what happened in the past, doesn't have to predict what we do in the future. 

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