Saturday, October 9, 2010

You remember the days at Sharp...

You remember the days at Sharp.
Old Orchard Rd. parking on the side.
Bein kids we didn’t worry about where to park.
Mrs. Piercy my 1st grade teacher.
Met Kwesi and Ed Santos.
Jeff  Pela came later.

We went to the Franklin Institute in 3rd.
Played ball in the back always much sand.
Soccer fields were nearby it wasn’t the town Bird in hand.
CCD after school this was what E.O. did.
I was a Jew and kinda a tiny kid.

Basketball on Friday nights wearin my Jordan’s .
Scoring layups two at a time even on Saturday morning.
Went to Mt. Misery in 6th, taught by Mrs. Kern.
Got caught with candy in my bag, there was so much to learn.
Who was your favorite teacher? What was your favorite part?
Mine was Mrs. Kern and indoor recess, don’t act like you didn’t fart.

So tonight’s the night and live it up.
Drink with friends, act like we never fought.
Not talking about Phil Collins embrace what you have.
Time is short you need to live it while you can.

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